Upcoming Events


Proposed Events 2021

This is a guide to events that have been proposed for 2021.  Dates, venues and details are yet to be confirmed.  

For more information contact Gerry Eastman (0417 912997) or email monsignorhawes@gmail.com

  • 24th September Cathedral Candlelight Concert

    This Concert will be professionally produced by the Shore Leave Team and feature the popular Fremantle Chamber Orchestra while showcasing the Cathedral Organ and Bells. Should be a memorable night.
  • 29th September 202129th September A Grand Musical Tour

    Take of tour of some of Hawes' local gems with the St Mary's Cathedral Choir performing in the venues. More info. soon.
  • 17th October17th October One Day Heritage Tour

    Hawes Heritage Events will organise a one day Bus Tour from Geraldton to Heritage buildings in the area. Destination yet to be decided.
  • 29th October29th October 29th October Arts & Crafts in the Piazza

    The Catholic schools in the Geraldton area will display students work in a variety of media relating to the life and or work of Monsignor Hawes . In addition there will be performing arts items . Several prizes will be presented by various sponsors.
  • 5th December 20215th December Christmas in the Piazza

    Stalls, refreshments, entertainment in the Monsignor Hawes Heritage Centre Piazza. More information soon.