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Project Vision

Spirit from Stone – To establish the Monsignor Hawes Heritage project as a heritage tourism icon of global significance, that enriches local participating individuals and communities, and that successfully conveys to visitors the spiritual traditions that animated the life of Monsignor Hawes.



In 2006 a group of local Mid West and Gascoyne people established an interim board with a view to preserve and promote the legacy of Monsignor John Cyril Hawes.

The Interim Board appointed RBA Consulting & Heritage and Conservation Professionals to create a Tourism Strategic Plan to guide the project and interim board. This plan was completed in September 2006 and since that time work has progressed to implement the plan and its major recommendations, including:

  •  Formation of a legal structure and formal establishment of  an incorporated body –  Monsignor Hawes Heritage Incorporated.
  • Securing funding and appointing a professional Project Officer for one year.
  • Developing a website and virtual tours for MHHI, via funding from Lottery West, to increase access to, and enjoyment of the Hawes story. 
  • Initial branding and promotion of the association including designing a logo for MHHI.
  • Established a communications and marketing strategy.
  • Securing funding and appointing Sue Hodges Productions, historians and heritage planners to develop an Interpretation Plan for the Hawes experience.


Monsignor Hawes Heritage Incorporated’s current focus is to implement the strategic plan; some specific tasks include:

  • Securing biennial funding for the Project Officer’s position
  • Attracting and retaining passionate people to be members of the association who will give time to promote the organisation and its goals.
  • Extending community involvement through establishing and promoting “Friends” groups attached to a specific Hawes building or location. 
  • Updating the communications and marketing strategy
  • Sourcing funds and implementing the findings of the Interpretation Plan. 

The Current Board

The Monsignor Hawes Heritage Inc Board consists of 10 church, organisational, community and ex-officio representatives.