MHHI Objectives

The objectives of the Association, as per the Rules of Association are-

  •  To increase national and international awareness of Monsignor Hawes’ rich architectural legacy and his contribution to early Australian heritage
  •  To encourage and assist people with the material conservation of the Monsignor Hawes’ legacy
  •  To encourage the development of local groups with Monsignor Hawes Heritage interests
  •  To forge links with other religious and tourism heritage groups locally, throughout Australia and overseas
  •  To provide opportunities for educational institutions and bodies promoting tourism in the Midwest and Gascoyne regions to be involved in projects initiated or supported by the association
  •  To celebrate, educate and inform people of Monsignor Hawes’ legacy and heritage through Hawes Heritage Events
  •  To undertake and assist in projects which are relevant to the region's overall tourism heritage or any other object of the Association
  • To work closely with the regional communities to achieve the objects of the Association.
  •  To acknowledge and keep alive the rich spiritual heritage that Monsignor Hawes brought to the Mid-West and Gascoyne regions.

The  Board

The Monsignor Hawes Heritage Inc Board consists of 10  church, organisational, community and ex-officio representatives.