The Diocese of Geraldton relinquished ownership of The Hermitage on 13th June 1984 as part of a reluctant but necessary land exchange.  The State of Western Australia then gave the Management Order for The Hermitage to The National Trust of Australia (WA) and restoration works were commenced by The National Trust in 1984 and completed in 1990.
On 2 January 2019, the Management Order for The Hermitage was given to the Diocese of Geraldton.
The Diocese is now  looking to  purchase The  Hermitage from the State Government.  This will allow this very unique and significant piece of Hawes’ heritage to be re-united with the majority of the built heritage of Hawes which is in the possession of the Diocese of Geraldton.
Once in the ownership of the Diocese it is planned to make The Hermitage available as a B & B, for tours, and small meetings or gatherings. The cost to purchase The Hermitage from the Government and to carry out urgent conservation works  will be in the vicinity of $100,000.
If you would like to contribute towards this cost, your donation  large or small would be most  welcome. If you have any fundraising ideas, please contact us.

A Car Raffle, drawn on May 1st 2022,   contributed in the vicinity of $69,000 to the Appeal.  Thanks to all who participated.

For more information contact: Fr  Robert Cross  99 213221  
   or Gerry Eastman  0417 912997

Our Target $100,000

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      23rd June 2022