The perfect way to celebrate our sixth anniversary of where we met:  Camino San Francisco 2015-2021. Thank you for making this such a special experience.                                Leigh O’Brien and Sterling Brown


Fantastic walk & celebration of Monsignor Hawes.                               Michelle Hughes (Morawa)


What an amazing two days of walking and contemplating.  Enjoying the magnificent scenery and the company of beautiful people.  Perfectly organised. “Blessings!”                                 Sally Vigilante


Wonderful walking, wonderful people with lots of conversations and laughter.                      Valerie Harris


Loved to see Tibradden Station and the work they are doing there and morning tea at Minnenooka with the beautiful scones.  All the stories and laughter along the way help you to forget your aching feet.  The solitary times too were beautiful and the masses.  My sincere thanks to all for the work the organisers have done preparing for this.  God Bless.


It is a very memorable experience, together with beautiful people . . .took me back to my younger years.  Big thanks to Robert and the rest of the Camino 2021 organisers.  Such a beautiful first Camino walk.           Janice King


Great Camino.  Great Company.  Magnificent food – marvellous support team. Thank you Father Robert.  Bring on another.                                                                                                                                                        Colleen Smith


Another great Camino – Enjoyed the company and food.  Thanks to all the coordinating committee for an awesome weekend.                                                                                                                                                          Paul Davies


Thank you so much for organising the Camino.  It was a very friendly, rewarding,  educational walk.      Cheryl Moore


Thank you so much Fr Robert and support crew for another  great Camino.  Filled in some gaps e.g. seeing the inside of the Kojarena Chapel.                                                                                                                                               Jo


Another excellent and well organised Camino. A big thank you to the organisers and the committee.    Paul Barndon


My first Camino ever & what an experience! I have had a thoroughly enjoyable time.  Loved it. Great group of walkers/pilgrims.  Such beautiful  scenery along the way.                                                   Marlene Cowan


An amazing experience. wonderful people, food, scenery and incredible organisation by Fr Robert, Jenny and crew.  Immersed in the experience and can hardly wait for the next journey.                             Heather Beswick


Thank you for a wonderful Camino San Francisco (my second).  Loved the whole experience – from the scenery to camaraderie (and the magnificent sleep!)  Looking forward to the next one. Appreciate all the help that went into organising this.                                                                                                                      Regards  Cecile O’Connor


This is my 3rd Camino and each time is different trail and different feelings.  I always love the scenery and the companions of the walkers, meeting new walkers and I always bring a friend to do the Camino and introduce them to hiking. Fr Robert who organises this Camino and all the the volunteers that made this Camino walk very enjoyable and pleasant experience, they really looked after us  and even spoilt us. Highly recommended weekend get away and enjoy the countryside and educated on those churches built in the 1800’s.  Thank you so much.


Thank you to Fr Cross and volunteers for making another great Camino. Spiritual journey, heritage, good food and company – what more could you want!                                                                                                    Lyn Davies


A big thank you to Fr Cross and all the champion committee volunteers.  A great opportunity to see and walk with my daughter Fiona on this Camino San Francisco 2021.  I’ve come 700kms from down south and this has been very worthwhile.  Very spiritual and indeed thought provoking.  Many thanks again.       Leona Della-Sale


Extremely well organised and co-ordinated Camino with support facilities (support bus, portaloo, signage etc) that allowed pilgrims to walk as much or as little as they wanted. It is also a rare opportunity to have a guided experience of the heritage of Monsignor Hawes’ buildings in Geraldton and the Mid West.   so enjoyed the chats, laughs and company of everyone on the weekend – it was such a great group!     Vincent Lau