On April 26th  2024 Hawes Heritage Events conducted its annual Wondrous Gems of John Cyril Hawes Tour which visit all the Hawes sites in Geraldton and gives the participants access to places that are not usually available to the public. 

The first stop on the tours was Nazareth House where people were able to wander around in the  courtyard and admire the Spanish Missionary type architecture.  Fr Robert also explained the beautiful Gower and Brown stained glass window on the staircase. 

The bus took the group to San Spirito Chapel at Utakarra Cemetery and they were the were  treated to a vocal  performance by Miriam and Suzi from the Cathedral Choir. 

Next stop was The Hermitage where 'Fr Hawes' was awaiting the group  and gave a soliloquy from the Mezzanine Floor on his life in The Hermitage.

The visit to St Francis Xavier Cathedral involve a talk by Fr Robert on Finding Bishop Kelly with the mood being set by Erin Kelly singing 'Oh Danny Boy' beside his burial place.  The organ  was played, the bells were rung and Miriam and Suzi also performed in the Crypt. 

The final destination  for the night was  The Irish Club (formerly St Patrick's Church) where Peter welcomed the group and gave a brief talk on the history of the building before giving us  a taste  of traditional Irish Music.