The Hermitage Appeal Car Raffle was drawn at 11:30 on May 1st at the
May Day Fete at the Catholic Centre in Geraldton.

Tickets 0245 and 0259 were not included in the draw.

1st Prize:      Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport Hatch – Ticket No.  0028  Eric & Margaret Muller

2nd Prize:    $100  Ticket No. 0536     Fr Ken Keating

3rd Prize:     $100   Ticket No. 0001     Kevin Dean & Charmaine Skipworth

4th Prize:     $100   Ticket No. 0345    Aida Borre

5th Prize:    $100    Ticket No. 0529    Francis Barr

6th Prize:    $100     Ticket No. 0233    Peter Thomas

Thanks to all who took part.