In June 2021, a group of 20 people travelled from Perth to visit the Hawes Heritage trail sites under the guidance of Fr Robert Cross  (Diocesan Heritage Director) and Gerry Eastman (Hawes Heritage Events Coordinator).

The trip was organised by the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem under the Lieutenant Kevin Susai KC*HS  and the Pilgrimage was led by WA Lieutenancy EMC, Fr Richard Smith, KCHS. Twelve of the group of 20 were members of the order and the other 8 were friends of members.

Fr Richard and Fr Robert celebrated Mass each day in a different ‘Hawes Church’ which was a very special part of the tour, and on the Saturday night before the group’s departure for Perth the next day,  Fr Richard and Fr Bernard Balaraj (Geraldton Parish) celebrated Mass in the Cathedral with the members of the Order seated in the Choir Stalls in their full regalia.


The Group in front of the statue of John Hawes and the Cathedral of St Francis Xavier