Camino San Francisco 2022 is planned for

Fri 29th-Sun 31st July

About the Camino

Caminos date back many centuries and are layered with meaning.

For some, a Camino might simply be about physical exercise and adventure. For others it might be about the journey within, a spiritual journey.

For others it might be about meeting people and making new friends. The reasons are many and all to be respected.

The Camino San Francisco is modelled on the world-famous Spanish Camino de Santiago and incorporates many of its features.

The Camino San Francisco is so named because it seeks to elicit in participants an experience of the spirit that inspired Monsignor Hawes in his life and architectural works, namely the spirituality of St Francis of Assisi that honours and respects the natural environment and our place within it.

Currently  the Camino San Francisco is an annual event.

 Camino San Francisco 2022 will be based in Mullewa, the heartland of Hawes ministry and architecture district.  It will also cover  the natural heritage of East Yuna on a property which was often visited by Hawes as he shared his Franciscan  love of animals and nature with the property owners.

To register your interest email and we will contact you when registrations are open.

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